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Posted by SpEeDy A-M
MRc FBM Saturday
MRc FBM Saturday

MRc FBM Saturday 200 Race Event

The 200th Race event celebrates our now 5th Season (2023) of MRc FBM Saturday.

The Race was a 34 laps (close 200kml) at Westhill International (WE2) with a Pitstop required with the Formula BMW FB02 (FBM).
Incredibly, The series has had hundreds (almost 800) of participants during the years. Drivers skills from Beginners to Pros.
Many new racers have joined us to produce fun and competitive racing across the whole grid.

P1. S1DUS*GáboR by a margin of 8 seconds. P2. [RP] IGOR and P3. [RP] Lucas to complete the podium.

Check out the current standings, all replays, track chooser list, our discord and forum + much more: