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Icup 2009 by PLZ-Team, final standings

Sypher from PLZ Team wins the Icup 2009, 2nd place for PLZ Damon and 3rd for MC0676.

This is the final classification of the ICUP 2009 organized by PLZ-Team after 8 races.

Last race, in S04 with all GTR, was a race of mixed feelings. The qualification has shown, that the grid has a similar pace and that it gonna be a hard race to win. The Drivers from TDRT, the other big protagonist team of this league, started from the 4th Ronn Schlieker, 8th Mikeal Svennson and 14th Oliver Thurbin position into the Race. The first laps where hard to drive for everyone and the partly lagging server made it not easier for the contenders.

The hopes for the The Danish Racing Teams got a crack early in the race, as Max Norris was struggling with his rear tyres, R.Schlieker and PLZ Overmax could close up to him and met him in the tiny T1. The italian Max Norris got wide out there and spun then into the inside where TDRT's Schlieker have tried to pass him. It ends in a total disaster as the TDRT and the PLZ driver made contact in the same moment as Overmax ran in Schliekers back. A strange reaction of the crashsystem has finished the race of Overmax and Schlieker there and Norris gets away with an blue eye. The TDRT driver was racing for the 2nd position in the overall standings.

This has caused a early and the only safetycar phase. M.Svennson was running 5th at the restart and O.Thurbin was in 10th position. On the front there where entertaining battles between PLZ Sypher and Mc0676 which Sypher could bring to an end of his favour and so the new crowned champion of the ICUP finished his season with a victor. PLZ Damon and Ricky met two times on the track to fight for the last step on the podium and both times Damon come through. But in the end it was the comeback of Max Norris that costs Damon his second and Mc0676 his 2nd place, as the early championship leader moves up to the second place.

While the close racing in Front, M.Svennson had made a early pitstop to repair some damage and the recovered with a good pace to the track and has finished the race in a good 6th place, followed by his teammate O.Thurbin, who has shown his best performance of the season in this race.

The final stadings are able HERE The TDRT R.Schlieker has lost the runnup spot and moves down the order to place 4. The 2nd position in the teamstandings got lost due to the early out too and so TDRT will finish on the 3rd rank. Last but not Least in the nation ranks Sweden scored the second most Points and Germany finished it in the 3rd Place.

Not present last race was the Team SHD from Serbia and the Italian Team R4F. Special thanks to the Italian team TER and DM from Turkey. The lasts joined the league in the middle, but was protagonist some good results and hard fights!

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Article written by [TDRT] R.Schlieker and PLZ-Black.