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Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

The Monthly Trophy MRT: 3rd race

FunRacingLeague changes and new

The June Trophy is very balanced and the final outcome uncertain: after 2 races there are two pilots in the first place with the same points (32): dt.Modestas and Il Nonno. (check the standings here) The race for Aston Club will certainly witness a spectacular competition, with many overtaking in the long straight.

...meanwhile ...

Our site has new graphics, more colorful and attractive. Also some new features have been added : news scrollers and personal bests on the homepage sidebar. But the most interesting news is the July events calendar: not 4 but 5 races with the XFG.

We all know it's a slow car, ideal for combat and fight without damages but with fun. We are now asking to all league members: what are the ideal cars for the August and September trophies?