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Race Green Events
Race Green Events

This sunday RGE offers the longest 300 kilometers race

2 years ago event at the Westschleife layout turned out to be success,last year's attempt to extend distance unfortunatelly was not so successful,so we'll return to original 300 kilometers distance this year. But to spice up the competition,we will add few more cars to last years selection of 5 original cars - a total of 39 different cars are up for selection in this year's race,all balanced to be on similar performance level to ensure that driving skill will be the deciding factor for entry's race pace. Cars' transmission layouts cover practically all possibilities - there are plenty of front wheel driven cars and all wheel driven cars,while rear wheel driven cars feature all 3 possible engine locations. Cars' weight ranges from lightweight below 600kg to heavyweight over 2000kg. Also engine size and power has huge variability - from 660cc 3 cylinder to 6.5 liter V8,while having also a V10 engine in the field,power ranges from 125 to 404 horsepower.

Also the track has received some updates - a total of 3 new sections have been added,one of them quite long,while 3 sections have been updated. Track length has been now extended to 14.42 kilometers and the track features a total of 84 turns (this number however is a bit variable as it depends from definition of a turn). To reach the distance of 300 kilometers,it is required to circle the track 21 times,where a good laptime will be below 9 minutes - with average speed a bit below 100km/h,the race length is expected to be over 3 hours. As always it will be allowed to race alone or in a team with up to 3 drivers - the track alone is an endurance factor,so it is highly advised to enter the race in a 2 or 3 driver team unless driver is ready for a proper endurance to race alone. A mandatory 30 seconds pitstop has been added to ruling this year as part of cars balancing and encourigement to create teams (some cars can finish race distance on single tank of fuel).

Full information and cars list: (link to signups at the bottom or info post)