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Posted by hanzime

Summer Events 2009

Oh yes the summer, hot, sunshine, pretty girls, nice road trips... and the nice Sunday evenings
with the summer events @ !!

These races will be open races.. This means everybody is welcome !!!
But no, the race will not be messed up by racers who would love it more to mess
things up, rather than to race. There will always be an admin watching in spectating mode.
He will give penalties right away and if it does not help he will kick or even ban them.

No points will be given and we are there to have fun and get more experience until Season 5
starts on 13 September. We do not have a league during the summer because there will always
be someone out on vacation.

We also do not have a practice weekend .. every Sunday we have a different combo.
But with the server online 24/7, it can not be a problem to practice during the week.

A link to our server can be found on the front page.
Time to start is 20:30 CET .. Watch the clock on the front page. It always gives you CET time.
So no need to calculate.

How to participate ???? READ THE RULES !!!!!! And be there on time... that's all.

The events we have created for you can be seen at

I hope you like them all!!!

Cu on track !