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Posted by Tomfuel
GUM Garage Enduro event !
GUM Garage Enduro event !

3 Hours Enduro - solo seat at GUM GARAGE - Formula BMW

3 hours enduro with Formula BMW on an exclusive Gum Garage 12.7km layout creation(Kyoto) - a GUM Garage event

The 5th enduro race of the GUM Garage will set in 25/06/2021 at 20h00 cest (start) - rdv/meeting at 19h45 cest

Formula BMW with Road Tyres !

Server : GUM Garage #02
Pass : find in private Discord room(if needed)
mandatory pit fixed duration for all for physiological needs
Grid Start : Random / No Qualify

subscribe here for this race or on our "enduro-gum"room on discord (
all levels ok, just be fair and clean !
specific rules here or subscribe via forum : (FR + ENG)