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Lislon Drift Challenge
Lislon Drift Challenge

First Stage of Lislon Drift Challenge

Lislon Drift Challenge

Drift Сompetition with Qualification and Pair runs on Single-elimination tournament
Lislon Drift Challenge is a drift competition with an unlimited number of stages in order to identify the strongest drivers on a specific track. The number of judges is 3, in qualification each be responsible for their criterion: Style, Line and Angle. In pair runs, refereeing is carried out by simultaneous (blind) voting, in the chat of each of the referees. (to eliminate the suggestibility / influence factor) in the case of 3 judges. The competition is held in the format of qualification + Pair runs (top 32\16 or top 8)
Events will be held on LSN Drift Ground server.

First Stage

The LSN DRIFT GROUND server is open for training passes
● First Stage Date - 27.02.2021
● Time - 18:00 Moscow time (15:00 UTC)
● Password: - lsndrfch1
● Сars - XRT
● Tires - normal / cold
● Judges - RDC Alexey, Maxxis Pakkeji, and some others
● Discord -
● Regulations -
● Server Rules -