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Absolute Beginners Racing League
Absolute Beginners Racing League

Restricted Racing League

Our next series to compliment our main S3 racing schedule will be a format called "Restricted Racing"

If you always wanted to be able to compete at the front of the field but never quite had the pace but would like to have a chance at a podium finish, then this is the series for you.

If you are a fast driver and want to prove and test your skill even when you are given a bit of a disadvantage then this also is the series for you.

The racing schedule of combos will mirror the regular 10 S3 races. So if you join in a S3 race you will be well prepared for the following week for the same combo. The only difference will be as follows:

Everyone in the Restricted Racing Series will be given a engine restriction based on the following formula:

11 minus (your position in the Restricted Standings) Example: If you are 4th in the standings your restriction will be 11 - 4 = 7%. Any driver 11th or lower in the standings of course will have no restriction.

The first race every driver starts with 10 restriction. If a new driver starts after the season has begun he must start with a 10% restriction for his first race.