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Open Endurance Cup
Open Endurance Cup

Open Endurance Cup Five set to start this summer

The Open Endurance Cup is a series of multi-class endurance races in an open format. The idea is to allow every starter the chance to race for the title, providing a competition in the spirit of the Nürburgring Endurance Series, "the largest grassroots series in the world"[1]. The dynamic point system of the Nürburgring Endurance Series is also in use. "The more competitors, the more honour"[2] as the number of competitors in each class determines how many points a team scores with a specific finishing position. "Points= 10*(Starters + 0.5 – Position)/Starters"[3] This way drivers and teams can race for the championship in the cars they like most.

Past OEC champions (team/driver):
OEC (Aug - Nov 2015): --- no champion, season aborted ---
OEC II (Mar - Jun 2016): eXtrem Racing / jueweb (Heros of Racing)
OEC III (Oct - Dec 2016): Last Lap Motorsports / ImudilaSkyline (Last Lap Motorsports)
OEC IV (Jan - Apr 2019): Last Lap Motorsports / FasTLT, Excellent15 (both Last Lap Motorsports)

The Open Endurance Cup returns for its fifth edition to Live for Speed, offering opportunity for endurance racing. With plenty of GTR racing to choose from currently, like the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup, New Dimension Racing GT2 Challenge or Team Rock Racing Endurance Pros races, we go into a niche. Season five will use the NGTRs (UF GTR, XF GTR) and the LRFs (LX6, Raceabout 06, FZ 50). In the past these classes provided some close racing, e.g. in the Desire of Patience Tour. This season will therefore again feature multiclass racing. The balance of performance is done by mandatory pit stop times on a track by track basis, thereby the cars keep their characteristics and it opens new possibilities for the pit stop strategy. This season's race distance will be 500km resulting in 3h00min to 3h30min long races.

Racing Calendar
  1. 21 Jun 2020 - Aston Grand Prix reversed (AS5r) 57 laps
  2. 19 Jul 2020 - Westhill International (WE2) 87 laps
  3. 02 Aug 2020 - Kyoto Ring National reversed (KY2r) 99 laps
  4. 30 Aug 2020 - Blackwood Historic reversed (BL2r) 160 laps
16:30 UTC - start of the 20 min qualifying session
17:00 UTC - start of the race
Please check your local times.

For the first time, all events will be streamed live, thanks to Sim Broadcasts!
The server is again sponsored by New Dimension Racing.

Sign-ups open on 19 Jun 2020 15:30 UTC via Teams can enter up to three drivers per car. The driver responsible for the sign-up cannot be changed. Starting numbers 1 to 10 are reserved for the Top-10 teams of the previous OEC season.

[3] translated from ... erschaft_N%C3%BCrburgring