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Buggyra Zero Mileage GTCup
Buggyra Zero Mileage GTCup

Buggyra Zero Mileage GTCup starts!

Meet the race drivers from Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing Team in an online racing cup. Compete with David Vršecký, Tomáš Enge and other racers on one track in a serial of racing events. Sign in on the website:

All races will be live streamed with commentary by

Prizes for the best ones:
1. Drive the Buggyra VK50 race truck (1200PS, 5500Nm) at the racetrack in Most (CZ), 10 laps + David Vršecký coaching
2. Drive the Renault Clio Cup at the racetrack in Most (CZ) + Tomáš Enge coaching
3. Drive the Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS at the offroad area in Milovice (CZ)
4. Passanger ride in the Buggyra DV50 race truck at the racetrack in Most (CZ) with David Vršecký
5. Test day team membership at the racetrack in Most (CZ)

Prize money:
1. 1000 EUR
2. 500 EUR
3. 250 EUR
4. 125 EUR
5. 70 EUR
6. 55 EUR

Cryptocurrency prizes:
1. 150000 BCZERO (~2100EUR)
2. 100000 BCZERO (~1400EUR)
3. 50000 BCZERO (~700EUR)
4. 20000 BCZERO (~280EUR)
5. 15000 BCZERO (~210EUR)
6. 10000 BCZERO (~140EUR)
7. 5000 BCZERO (~70EUR)
8. 5000 BCZERO (~70EUR)
9. 5000 BCZERO (~70EUR)
10. 2000 BCZERO (~28EUR)

The races will be run in LOW WIND conditions and in clear weather with the XRR car.

The races will take place on the following tracks:

10.04.2020 – Blackwood GP (Endurance 78 laps)
03.05.2020 – Westhill National (Endurance 60 laps)
24.05.2020 – Kyoto National REV (Endurance 55 laps)
07.06.2020 – Aston North (Endurance 49 laps)
05.07.2020 – Rockingham ISSC Long (Endurance 66 laps)
26.07.2020 – Blackwood Historic REV (Endurance 79 laps)
16.08.2020 – Westhill International (Endurance 49 laps)
13.09.2020 – SouthCity Long (Endurance 59 laps)
04.10.2020 – Kyoto GP Long (Endurance 40 laps)
01.11.2020 – Aston Grand Touring (Endurance 35 laps)

Each of these events consists of a 20 minutes long qualification, a sprint race for 5 laps and an endurance race of ~90 minutes (various lap count). The final results of the sprint race will determine the starting grid for the endurance race - the first 10 to 19 positions, based on the last digit of the finish time of the sprint winner, will start in reversed order. If there are less than 19 racers, reversed grid will be from n-10 to n based on the last digit of the finish time of the sprint winner.

Timetable for each event, times in UTC
17:00 free practice
18:00 qualification
18:30 sprint race
19:00 endurance race

Sign in on the website:

Complete Regulations and complete Rules