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LFS - Campeonato Brasileiro de DRIFT EDN
LFS - Campeonato Brasileiro de DRIFT EDN

Brazilian Drift Championship - EDN [round orlando] 2019 - Final

[LFS] Brazilian Drift Championship - EDN [Orlando Stage] Second and final Stage of 2019

- Day 21/12/2019 at 16:30

Objective of the Event: ( For this Event, our starting audience is not a lot of Pilots, but rather show professionalism in part of the organization to the participants and spectators, so that next time we will be more successful in the production of the Event.


In this Event we want to show the opposite, to show that it is possible to do something serious, of quality and respect. We want to be fair both to the weakest to the strongest (Skill and Ability on the track) Today and always in the LFS, the staff has the bad impression of pulling False vote, gives the Victory to anyone, no! That’s not gonna happen!

I want and we will be fair, and we will be fair.

Our first event was a success, we had over 40 Drivers registered!

Our second event was a success, we had more than 45 Drivers registered!

Our third event was a success, we had over 65 Drivers registered!

In our first stage of the year 2019, we had a number of +85 drivers enrolled in the championship!

During the stages we have already done in the LFS, we came having good results, and of course according to the good result, we could not close the year without EDN, right?!

We count on everyone’s support and support again for one more step and that this is even better.

Watch down how the Championship will work

(A brief explanation for those who do not understand.)

Well, for those who don’t know, the championship is formed by qualifications and after that, the battles between the pilots qualified, where it means 2 cars on the track walking together, side by side (TWIN) (Battling)

➪ The Championship will be held on 21/12 (Saturday) at 16:30 Hrs. Getting the qualifications sharp!

➪ The Championship will be at LFS on our server: Brazilian Drift Championship EDN | on the day of the event the server will have a password | Password:
(The server will be password set 1 days before the championship to facilitate your training.)

✔ The Championship will be on Track (Orlando)
✔ In the Battle of the Riders, both will have to take 2 laps on the track for qualifications, such as championship rules. After qualifying, the Championship Key will be assembled. Then the battles, 1 time each, then reverse sides.
✔ In our Championship the way of judging is not by Score. For this we have the official judges of the championship, each with its proper function.

✚ NOTE: It is a technical track and requires work and experience of the pilot, we will also have a curve that can be said to be the main starting point, and it is allowed (scrape on the wall). .
The entire championship will be recorded, and there will also be people taking prints during the course of the championship, these prints will be posted on our pages. We will also be doing live streaming of the Championship:

[ *Basic rules*]

- Do not talk during battles, or you will be disqualified;
- Be Online 40 Minutes before Qualifications;
- Respect starting and track points of the track;
- Respect judges' decision.
- In the event only XRT-Turbo with NORMAL STREET tire will be allowed;
- If you are lagged during your battle, whether PING or FPS, you will be disqualified;

✔ On the day of the Championship will not be allowed Audience.
NOTE: Who will not participate in the championship, please do not enter the Server, so Live.

✔ For those who want better communication, our Discord will be free for everyone to access. Link:

| The result of the championship will come out on our Social Networks. |

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Event Awards:
A custom shirt for First Place.

Note: This award cited is only for 1st place.

2nd and 3rd Place to decide.

| ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩

| Championship registration until 12/20 at 10:00 pm / Limited places: 32 participants. (After your registration, your name will be confirmed here on the official page.)

- After registration, be sure to mark your presence here:

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Official Track Download:

released 2 days before the stage happens.

NOTE: The track may have previous modifications.

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(BANNER windshield) on the front windshield.
(Plate) to stick on your car / skin.

Windshield - Follow the link:…/V-CampeonatoBrasileiroDeDrift_ED…

Plaquinha - Follow the link:…/cly77m8ltpys…/EDN%20Plack.rar

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If you have any questions, please contact the organizers. Thank you all. A big hug.

Any questions / Any questions in English, please contact us on our official website: