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Layout Racing League

Championship Battle Intensifies - Round 3 Preview

Tension builds between championship leaders

As the drivers look forward to the third race, it seems that the competition at the top is getting spicy. With the two drivers, Pete and Trespasser separated by just 2 points, both are looking to finish ahead of each other to assert their dominance. [READ MORE. . .]

During post-race in Round 2, Pete was congratulated by his rival for his extremely fast pace and event domination, however, Trespasser is definitely looking to put up a stronger challenge. He finished 30 seconds behind in second during Round 2.

Looking further back, the mid-field is extremely tight, stretching from Tofu BRO all the way up to [6S] SIMOX, holding third in the championship. Texas failed to capitalize when it mattered, maintaining forth due to an absense by AS|Kadir. New comers Ngottini and Mandula would be eager to make up places to prove themselves in the constantly changing race situations. Keep an eye out for AA|Rane and GT4Tube who may play a wild card in the power-focused Lmaoring circuit this weekend!