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Posted by dekojester

New Dimension Racing 10th Anniversary Event: TBO Challenge Holiday Special

Thursday, 28 December 2017 marked 10 years since the founding of New Dimension Racing. We began as a simple organization, consisting of Jack Atkinson, Joseph Ellis, and Jonathan Palmer. A simple idea for a beginner's league and a couple oval events quickly blossomed into a major organizing body, loved and respected by many in Live for Speed.

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary with an event, using one of our simpler events, the TBO Challenge. Created originally by former NDR Member Chris Wilkinson, we absorbed this league when he joined us as a member in 2009. We ran it in parallel with a season of the Road Sport Cup, in its last appearance in LFS, until now.

This one-off event will be held at the Blackwood Historic circuit, recently redone by the developers of Live for Speed. There will be two races, a 16-lap Sprint and a 26-lap Feature Race. The Feature Race grid will feature a reversal of between the top 6 and 10 drivers of the Sprint Race. Qualifying starts at 18:00 UTC; racing at 18:30 UTC.

You may enter the event until 15:55 UTC by visiting the TBOFR Challenge Subsection of the LFS Forums

The Qualifying session and races will be streamed live to the New Dimension Racing YouTube page, starting at 18:00 UTC. Commentary will be provided by Thilo Falkenberg and Jonathan Palmer.

We hope you can join us as either a spectator or racer for this event!