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Posted by marcal_m

LMS Race 2 Corrected

Information on RACE 2 of LMS Weekly

Sunday we will host our second race of the november season (2/4). We hope to see a full grid by the end of the season.

This next week on LMS we move over to globe to the twists and turns of the Kyoto National Track in the FXO, a track situated within an oval raceway, filled with fast flowing oval sections and the slower, more technical inside raceway.

All taking place on our loaned server: [DTC]TimeAttack (thanks DanTaco)

Date: 13/11/2017
Laps: 15

Qualification: 5PM GMT
Race: 6:10PM GMT

To participate all you need to do is join during the qualification (1 hour) and set 1 timed lap (Or 2 laps out in technical terms) for a spot on the grid. Before the race starts there will be a small break for drivers to get drinks, or anything else they need, the server will also be passworded in this time, password will also be put into a RCM.


1: Respect the rules of clean racing
2: Respect the Yellow and Blue flags, move over for the blue flag, and slow down if needed for yellows.
3: Corner cutting is forbidden.
4: If your ping is high / unstable you may be asked to leave if it does not improve.
5: No voting for Restart / End / Qualification / ETC.
6: No cheats, VOB Mods, Hacks of any sort = Permanent Ban.