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Posted by marcal_m

First Race of the season is done!

Information on RACE 1 of LMS Weekly

First race was a success! No major crashes and no major cautions.

9 racers total with the poli in quali being B2R-ICeleritas(RussianAttack96), P2 TEM/Y.Laprevotte(greybull [cha]) and P3 LMSºS.Silva(Bilcrossfoto).

No Crashes on T2, the race continued smoothly with a big battle to P1.

Final standings are: P1 B2R-ICeleritas(RussianAttack96), P2 TEM/Y.Laprevotte(greybull [cha]), P3 LMSºS.Silva(Bilcrossfoto), P4 9397(lucaf), P5 LMSºM.Marçal(marcal_m), P6 Shamz(truckloader), P7 Mosku(moksu), P8 LMSºS.Astley(ItzSean) and P9 [DISQUALIFIED]LMSºM.Burnsley(bunnytt)

Next week's will be FXO @ Kyoto, national, normal. All taking place on our loaned server: [DTC]TimeAttack (thanks DanTaco).

Date will be 13/06/2017 and 20 Laps.

Qualification: 5PM GMT
Race: 6:10PM GMT