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Posted by marcal_m

News for the 1st race of november!

Information on RACE 1 of LMS Weekly

Tomorrow we will host our first race of the november season (1/4). We hope to see a full grid by the end of the season.

Our first week consists of the tight technical streets of South City Town Course Reverse. We'll be racing a total of 25 laps in the XRG.

All taking place on our loaned server: [DTC]TimeAttack (thanks DanTaco)

Date: 06/11/2017
Laps: 25

Qualification: 6PM GMT
Race: 7:10PM GMT

To participate all you need to do is join during the qualification (1 hour) and set 1 timed lap (Or 2 laps out in technical terms) for a spot on the grid. Before the race starts there will be a small break for drivers to get drinks, or anything else they need, the server will also be passworded in this time, password will also be put into a RCM.


1: Respect the rules of clean racing
2: Respect the Yellow and Blue flags, move over for the blue flag, and slow down if needed for yellows.
3: Corner cutting is forbidden.
4: If your ping is high / unstable you may be asked to leave if it does not improve.
5: No voting for Restart / End / Qualification / ETC.
6: No cheats, VOB Mods, Hacks of any sort = Permanent Ban.