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LightsOut Race of Champions League
LightsOut Race of Champions League

Team LightsOut Race of Champions - League 1 - Results

Race of Champions
Good Afternoon All, we at Team LightsOut would like to say a big thank you to all those that turned up to Sunday's Race of Champions. The event went a lot better than we thought event with only half the contestants turning up!

Throughout the evening we had many and I mean many interesting races, watching racers crack under the intense pressure trying to get around the course and quick and as clean as possible.

We would also like to say, that due to the amount of interest from members of the LFS Racing Community, we will continue to host the LightsOut Race of Champions as a series throughout the rest of the year.

Be sure to follow us on the LFS calendar and be sure to follow our column at

But now, we will go on to announce the results!

So for the top 3, we have:
  1. Ardee - (sMaShMoLtH) - Won the S3 License and 174.000€ TC Insim Cash
  2. [TC-R] Pete - (mbutcher) - Won 87.000€ TC Insim Cash
  3. [GLOW] Razz - (razrulz1234) - Won 29.000€ TC Insim Cash

A big congratulations to them all, they raced fairly and cleanly throughout the entire event. Also with Ardee living up to his reputation taking ballsy moves into corners and having the space of a nano-metre between his XRR and the wall!

Thank you all again for attending and we forward to seeing you all next time.

Be sure to sign up to our next RoC when we announce it!

~Team LightsOut Management