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On March 8th, 2024, we will have a second single event called: Blackwood Licence Upgrade Race (BLUR)

This race gives people an opportunity to upgrade their licence for free as the first price of this race is £12 voucher. And that's not all, because the best non-S3 user also gets that same voucher. This means that if non-S3 driver wins this race, they will get £24 voucher, which allows Demo- or S1-licenced user to upgrade their licence straight to S2 or S3 respectively!

Second place finisher gets £6 voucher and third place finisher gets £3 voucher.

And driver who gets pole position gets £6 voucher and best non-S3 licenced user in qualifying also gets that £6 voucher. This means, if demo driver gets a pole position, they will automatically win £12 voucher which allows them to upgrade their licence. And as a small temptation, last qualifier wins a £3 voucher.

So, if you are a Demo-licenced user, get pole position and win the race, you get £36 voucher which allows you to upgrade your licence in LFS straight to S3!

Event information:
- Date: March 8, 2024 (Friday)
- Track: Blackwood RallyCross (BL3)
- Car: XF GTI and XR GT (XFG+XRG)
- Race length: 90 minutes + 1 lap
- Mandatory pit stops: 2

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