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MixCup Season 2

Demo license event where the winner gets a full S3 totally free!

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Single Event
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League Information

The league consists in a demo champinship that runs on all combos and the winner gets a S3 license. Only real demo accounts will be allowed to drive on this event. Accounts created after the publication of the league will not be able to participate, aswell as drivers with less than 500 laps online.

Qualifying conditions

Since we'll be allowing every signup, we also need to make things fair. Drivers will be divided in groups of 12 and each group will have 10 minutes to qualify. Only top-12 drivers will be elegible to the race, because the max number of drivers in a demo race is 12. Qualify lenght will be set accordingly with how much groups we have + 5mins of break from one group to another, so there's plenty of time for one group to disconnect from the server, and the others to join.


36 drivers signed up, and all of them are going to qualify. Since we'll have 3 groups of 12, the qualifying session will be 40 minutes long (10mins for each group x3 + 5mins of break from group 1 to 2, and from group 2 to 3).

Race conditions

- Each round will have 1 race of 40mins.
- No mandatory pitstops in any round. Pitlane remains open during all sessions. Crossing pit entry and exit blend lines is allowed, but its strongly suggested that you dont do so, in order to avoid crashes and keep it safe.
- No safety-car in this event.
- BC (button clutch) is disabled and forbidden.
- Complaints will only be accepted in our Discord, with a small clip of what happened, and the time on the replay. Adding the lap and the driver involved on your post is welcomed aswell. Penalties can be given to the driver on the round that the accident happened or at the following one.

Scoring system

P1 - 12
P2 - 11
P3 - 10
P4 - 9
P5 - 8
P6 - 7
P7 - 6
P8 - 5
P9 - 4
P10 - 3
P11 - 2
P12 - 1

Best lap: 1
Highest climber: 1
Pole position: 2

Official rounds schedule for the MixCup Round 2

Round 1 XFG + BL1 (08/10/2023)
Round 2 XFG + BL3 (22/10/2023)
Round 3 FBM + BL2 (12/11/2023)
Round 4 XRG + BL1 (19/11/2023)
Round 5 XRG + BL3 (26/11/2023)
Round 6 FBM + BL1 (03/12/2023)

Current Season

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MixCup Season 2 6 0 N/A

Latest News Update

This league has no news updates yet.

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
MixCup Season 2 6 0 N/A Yes