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In this league, one is able to compete in custom classes. Currently featured custom class is SLOW that consists of UF1, XR1 (XRG), XF1 (XFG) and LX1 (LX4), and SLOWF that consists of FBM, FOS (FOX), F8S (FO8), BFS (BF1). Cars are more or less normalized to meet the unrestricted car in the respective class, but it may depend on the track.
You must use the restrictions that you can view in the server by typing the !cars command. More thorough information can be viewed with the !event command in any of the Slowmobile servers.

Race length is approximately 45 to 60 minutes depending on the track and starts at approximately 19:35 UTC every two weeks on Wednesdays.
Each time, there is a 30 minute qualification before the race sessions start.
The first race starts with a normal grid and lasts half of the total length.
The second race starts with a reverse grid for the second half of the event.

The winners of the first and second round are then picked and points are given. The driver who has the most points gets to choose the next track. If more than one player scores the same amount of points, they are allowed to decide on the next combo.

In the future, there are a few more combos planned: SLOW Formula (FBM, FOX, FO8, BF1) and SLOW GT (LX6, FXO, XRT, RB4). Testing has already commenced in the Slowmobile servers, which you can contribute to by simply driving and pumping out times that we could analyze.

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You may also join our Discord server, where important announcements, race results and testing progress can be viewed.

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