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Lislon Drift Challenge

Lislon Drift Challenge

Drift Сompetition with Qualification and Single-elimination tournament top 32\16

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Drift League
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Lislon Drift Challenge is a drift competition with an unlimited number of stages in order to identify the strongest drivers on a specific track. The number of judges is 3, in qualification each be responsible for their criterion: Style, Line and Angle. In pair runs, refereeing is carried out by simultaneous (blind) voting, in the chat of each of the referees. (to eliminate the suggestibility / influence factor) in the case of 3 judges. The competition is held in the format of qualification + Pair runs (top 32\16 or top 8)
Events will be held on LSN Drift Ground server.

Current Season

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There is no active season at this time.

Latest News Update

, by Aleksandr_124rus

First Stage is starting today!

Judge task:
- Acceleration from leader according to waiting opponent, respect zone is until blue line. (Distance is more than car body on blue line - restart and one strike for leader)
- Initiation is yellow-blue line marks (Before that small flip without slowing down is allowed)
- Deacceleration zone is red line marks on side of track (Handbrake is allowed, brake is not allowed)
- Outside zone is yellow line marks (Need kill green clip for perfect run)
- Touch and Go is white line marks (Need one wheel in it for correct pass)
- Finish is red line.

ititiation can be done in small flip without slowing down, or cluch kick.
Brake is not allowed.
Handbrake is allowed only in Deacc zone.
False start - restart and one strike for leader (allowed for follower)
Non-compliance respect zone - restart and one strike for leader (Distance is more than car body on initiation is not allowed)

3 Strike in one hit - Disqualification.

Qualification and Pair Runs spreadsheets -

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

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