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B2R Open Wheel Series

B2R Open Wheel Series

Racing from MRT5 to BF1

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Single Seater League
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Welcome to B2R's very own single seater racing series, which includes all single seater cars from Live For Speed, ranging from the MRT to the BF1 around a variety of tracks!!

The main rules:

1) Clean racing MUST be followed (rules of clean racing here :

2) No hacking or cheating!! (Born 2 Ban/lifetime ban).

3) You MUST move off the racing line when blue flagged where possible, carried out in a safe way which wouldn't affect the car trying to lap you. Only attempt to unlap yourself when you have a consistently large pace advantage to the car you're trying to unlap. (E.G 5+ seconds a lap.)

4) DO NOT cross the pit lane entry or exit lines! (Failure will result in a strict penalty. Multiple offences may result in a race ban).

5) NO BUMP DRAFTING!! (Either in Race or Qualifying).

6) PLEASE respect other drivers on track and in chat. Insults are not tolerated.

7) This series may require the need of a SAFETY CAR and need clear communication to alert drivers, for which discord voice chat is MANDITORY when a safety car/medical car is present in that race. (If we don't see you in the voice chat 5 minutes before qualifying you will be kicked! Late joiners will be given a chance and asked to join).

8) If you are in the discord voice chat, please keep chat to a minimum during qualifying and the race in courtesy of other drivers. You may be requested by a organizer to mute yourself or enable the "push to talk" feature to which you MUST comply.

9) As all single seaters go, NO CONTACT is allowed. Deliberate contact will result in disciplinary action.

10) Please keep the chat in game to a minimum! Binded sorry is acceptable. Incidents will only be reviewed after the race.

11) DO NOT overtake the safety car unless instructed to do so by the race organizer/director. If you are a lap down during the safety car period, please wait for instructions before attempting to unlap. If someone ahead crashes behind the safety car, you are allowed to pass them and they MUST join the back of the queue!

12) Pitting during a safety car is allowed but you must rejoin the queue in whatever position you come out of the pits.

13) If stated, you MUST pit at least ONCE during the race. However no pit work is required.

14) Please leave a gap to the car ahead during qualifying, so when going on hotlap to prevent traffic and slower cars getting in the way.

Points system and further info on the series:

1) A reworked point system will be introduced to encourage drivers to continue the race even after some bad luck in the opening laps. ALL drivers who finish the race will receive points towards the championship!
The formula to calculate your points will be "(40-n)+1" where "n" is your finishing position.
For example if you finish in P1 you will receive 40 points. If you finish 31st, you will receive 10 points. If you finish in 40th you will receive 1 point.

2) To make things more fair the track/car combos WILL be decided by the race organisers only. However we may offer the chance for a selected player to choose a track/car combo.

3) 3 Bonus points will be awarded to the player who achieves pole position in qualifying.

4) 3 Bonus points will also be awarded to the player who sets the fastest lap during the race and finishes.

5) There is currently no sign up procedure. Just join and race.

Safety Car procedure:

1) After some discussion our Safety Car system has been reworked. Safety cars will now only be called if someone has a flipped car or is stuck. You are not required to "SHIFT+S" in the race however please do so in the qualifying and practise to prevent messing up other's lap times.

2) If the SC is deployed, you must reduce speed and respect distance. You can however pit during the Safety Car period.

Race Procedure & Timing:

A Pre-Season race will take a part in 27th of May

Qualifying will start at 18:30 UTC (25 min open Qualifying).
Race will start after a 5 min break from Qualifying, Starting at 19:00 UTC.

The MRT and BF1 events will have a 40 minutes race distance, other cars such as the FBM, FOX, FO8 will race for 60 minutes.

After Race Procedure:

1) Driver and Team points will be announced in a different post and on discord.
Link :

2) In case of reporting someone, please use this format.
Session (Qualifying or Race):
Time (Lap or Timing):
Reported Driver:
Brief Description:
You will be given 1 week from the incident to make a report.

For any further questions or enquirers please contact a member of the B2R Team via discord, forum or in game.
Good luck and I hope you have fun!

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