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Season Details of Blackwood GTR Challenge Race (Open training)

Blackwood GTR Challenge  Race (Open training)
This event will be a FunRace that will also serve as evidence for a possible GTR Challenge championship organized by us for the Portuguese community LiveForSpeed ​​(LFSPT)
The event starts on April 11 at 21:00 (UTC +1) with a 30-minute qualification; then, we will have two races of 25 laps, we will give a few minutes later for the teams and the participants to prepare for a race after qualifying.

for reasons of internet problems we decided to change the event instead the 1 hour race became two 25 lap races with mandatory box

Possibly creating a GTR Endurance Challenge championship in the summer, but it is necessary to evaluate the event

The main goal is to have fun

Racing regulations
1) There may be more than one car from each team in the race
2) no need to publish skins, just register your site on LFS

Racing regulations
1) Mandatory passage through the pits
2) Chat is not allowed during a race.


Blackwood GTR Challenge Race (Test run)

First event :
Nr. Type Duration Track Cars Seats Start Time
1 Qualify 30 minutes Blackwood GP FXR, XRR 32
2 Race 25 laps Blackwood GP FXR, XRR 32
3 Race 25 laps Blackwood GP FXR, XRR 32