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Various single or returning events hosted by Race Green Events and not included in any specific leagues.

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, by Eclipsed

After 3 years racing cars around public roads track named Westschleife,it's time to give the chance all the motorcycle riders show their skill - Race Green Events will present it's first ever event using 2-wheeled wehicles! Since the bikes are pretty much new to LFS,we will keep the format quite simple for the first try and instead of mass start race this will be a time trial race - every rider will race against clock in order to set best time on the course and beat rivals indirectly.

The Westschleife track has been simplified as bikes have really big trouble dealing with the slow turns - for this event there will be an 11.19 kilometers long track (from time trial starting point to finish line),featuring a very fast course with partially blind elevating curves and some tricky turns,few chicanes were unavoidable though. For the first ever motorcycle event we'll simply allow all publically available motorcycles without any restrictions - it's all about riders skill again,as powerful bikes are really difficult to handle,drastically increasing the chances of falling,while slower bikes are less risky and it's much more possible to finish the distance without scratching bodywork.

We present this event as a big unknown,as there has not been such event in LFS before! The organization can just wildly guess the best course laptimes being under 5 minutes. Also we have no tips about fuel requirement for the distance or setups - it's all up to riders to find this out. Since it's quite easy to fall down when riding a bike,organization will help drivers to complete the track with an insim app (kindly made and configured by Jam) - there will be a command to put the bike up on it's wheels and even turn 90° in case stuck against wall,the default LFS vehicle reset will not be allowed during official phase of the event as it also repairs the bike.

Full event info in RGE forum section:

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