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Various single or returning events hosted by Race Green Events and not included in any specific leagues.

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2024 3 1

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, by Eclipsed

On sunday the 19th may Race Green Events offers it's hardest yearly challenge - the 400 kilometers of Westhill. The venue is an over 18 kilometers long circuit layed out around Westhill avoiding most of the actual racetrack. The race distance in only 22 laps, however each of them is around 11 minutes long - the race length is expected to be just over 4 hours, so only the fittest can do it alone, for others there is an option to team up in teams with up to 3 drivers. The event starts with 24 hours long qualifying - this will add flexibility to qualify for the race and drivers will be able to focus on race on the raceday.

Drivers have the opportunity to apply cars they would like to use in this race - these just need to fullfill few requirements. For those willing to race but feel the cars are too fast for their taste, there is an option to apply slower cars under "Opel Manta" rule and take the distance challenge with that. Car applications however will close already on sunday the 12th may 23:59 UTC so don't came too late!

After 4 years of running the 5th year is a special one - the race will be administrated by New Dimension Racing and will be broadcasted by LFS's best streaming team! If you're not taking the challenge yourself, follow the action live on either twitch or youtube.

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2020 1 0 N/A No
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2024 3 1 Yes