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"Welcome to LRL - a new racing series focused on exciting racing and new concepts - Join us as we venture onto unique circuit layouts in various cars - put your skill to the test against other drivers and try your luck with a good pit strategy! Feel the pressure when a Safety Car is called; and hold off your rivals to earn points to your championship!"

Races held follow a schedule, Saturday Event
25 Qualifying kicks off the Race day at 15:25 UTC.
Laps approx 40 minutes Race at 16:00 UTC (Max of 60 minutes) | POINT FOR FASTEST LAP

League page - Rules, Race info and more :
Sanctioned by New Dimension Racing

Current Season

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There is no active season at this time.

Latest News Update

, by Jonathon.provost

We are pleased to bring you the return of the Layout Racing League!

The series will continue to use layout circuits, with varying cars at each meeting. We have made a few small tweaks to the format for 2022. Each race will now run to laps (equalling approx. 40 minutes green flag racing) with a maximum time of 1 hour. There will still be one mandatory pit stop during the race. We have added two non-championship special events taking place at some iconic track layouts with some iconic cars.

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 1 - 2019/1 9 0 N/A No
Season 2 - 2020/1 12 0 N/A No
2021 8 0 N/A No
2022 10 0 N/A No