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Short Track Auto Racing League

Short Track Auto Racing League

Racing league using XRT as only car and focusing on shorter racetracks

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, by Eclipsed

Last year a new league joined Race Green Events' lineup,offering slightly different racing format - short tracks and medium race distance,run with a medium powered rear wheel drive sports coupe. Now the new league is back for it's 2nd season with some changes in it's schedule. The car for STARL will stay the same currently - it's the front engined rear wheel drive XRT,delivering 247 horsepower from it's 2 liter turbocharged engine,while car's dry weight is just over 1200kg. XRT will stay as STARL official car as long as there is other car added to LFS lineup deemed to suit better for format of this league.

The prologue round of inaugural season has now been added to championship schedule - season will kick off again with 300 laps long race at the 600 meter dirt oval. First half of the schedule will feature rounds at Aston's South configuration and paved version of Fern Bay's Rallycross Long configuration - the latter is by far the most difficult track for this season. Also the 2nd half of the season will start in an oval track - it's the brand new edition of Race Green International Raceway,where only the short triangle part will be used for racing. It's only 500 meters long and the race distance is set for 200 laps. Remaining 2 rounds of the season will be "easier" - South City Classic is a well known course while season finale will take place in Rockingham - at the recently tested East Handling Sprint track,which will be the only non-oval race shorter than 150km.

STARL will be run in the same time as last year - sunday evenings 19:30 CET / 17:30 UTC. All 4 road course rounds are set with nominal distance of 150 kilometers (allthough round 6 is rounded down to 100 laps/148km),which should be completed in just over 70 minutes in the fastest tracks,while the race at Fern Bay might get close to 90 minutes mark. Oval rounds are scheduled differently - the Dusty 300 is a challenge of it's own and was completed in just under 2 hours in last year's edition,while the 100km race at the triangle track will be around 70 minutes long.

Full information and signups in STARL forum section thread in

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

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