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Desire of Patience-Tour 2017

Desire of Patience-Tour 2017

DoP 2017 Desire of Patience Tour Fortune GTR

League Type
24h race
Required License
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League Information

DoP 2017 Desire of Patience Tour Fortune GTR
General Conditions ’24hours Westhill International rev, Januar 21th, 2017

Starting Permission in general: first in - first serve

You have to do your registration directly at the BurnoutCrew LFS- DoP - SignIn Server!

Sign In Server is open
* please, take care of your common team tag. That’s important!
* the first participant / founder of a team is automaticly the teamleader and may handle some team-specific things.
The teamleader chooses the team-tag and the car-class. The car is selected by the driver doing some laps on the qualification server. Changing car won't be possible afterwards. If the team-leader leaves the team, another team-mate becomes the leader. If the last member leaves, the team will be deleted from the database.
* registered teams will be tracked automaticly. Have a look at the DoP Website
* lap times for the qualifikation will be tracked too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will get the password for the mainrace in time at the DoP Eventpage

* minimum age: 16 years
* at least 100 driven laps [car and track combined]

* Westhill International reverse

Alloweded car classes
* GTR Class

The procedure
Main Race: on Saturday, * Januar 21th, 2017
* CET 10.00: Server OPEN
* CET 11.00: 24h Race START
* race: 24 hours
* max driver: 28 plus 4 Wildcards
* no lag lap and no restart
* pitstop and changing driver is allowed
* yellow and blue flag are to attend
* tidy driving in the pitlane
* in general: one Admin is on the server

* the Qualifikation would be announced in time
* each driver has to do a qulalify lap
* each driver is limited to an amount of 10 laps, inclusive in- and out-laps (laps will be counted after first split)
* the average team time is used for qualify. No qual-lap results in a lap time of 3:00.000
* the final results and classifications may be viewed here: DoP Eventpage

The 'BurnoutCrew' Tracker:
Will automaticly list all registered teams and racers for this event.

The 'BurnoutCrew' Lapcounter
This Tool is relevant for the final results at the end of this race. Two Lapcounters are tracking your race. One counts your driven laps ingame and displays the quantity you have reached and your current position (the LfS positions may be incorrect if you think of disconnects and surely mutiple grids) directly on your screen. The second will be hosted on the DoP Eventpage for external views, so your teammates and other visitors could get a quick summary of this race event.

Disconnect / Re-joins
There're many reasons for disconnects and we don't whant to distroy a race of fun for you. So, reconnects will be allowed. Of course you're losing a lap in lap-counter. That's it.
After reconnect you have to act carefully with blue flags. Admins may punish you for ignoring a blue flag caused by a faster/leading team. Others may be ignored. Unfortunetly there is no way to prevent LfS programmaticly from showing the blue flags. So it's up to you, to fit the rules of racing...

The Appreciation
It is only a team competition. The total number of driven laps decides the final placements. This is determinded by the Lapcounter. If there are two, or more teams in the same lap after race end, the first finish decides for winning this event. Penalties: The Admins could judge immediately about penalties; for example: crossing the pitlane, unfair actions, permanent ignoring blue flag and so on. The penalty scale could be ‘Drive through’ or ‘Stop and go’ und must fit in the next following three laps!

The BurnoutCrew organizes this Event. We will decide about necessary adjustments if needed. There will be no privileged participation.

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Latest News Update

, by Webflat

Dear Racers, Endurance Fans and Friends,

The dust already has settled at Westhill International reverse, followers from LFS are already in other events, have still new races or competitions in their leagues. The 24h race 2017 is history, and even more from these big LFS 24h community events year by year. Now, we take a deep look back in the past. We have created a new section in our DoP Forum, named DoP Legends. Now you can find the first winners in their classes since 2009 and the last winner this year 2017. We do not know what the future holds, but may be a new 24 hour race in 2018. May be it is even a chance for you and your team to make history in the DoP.

Clark Parker created a golden panel, signed with all winners from the DoP. A great worthy work we think. TY!

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DoP Team 2017 and BC-Racing Team
Klaus & Normann

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