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LFS France's Ligue FR - French League

French league opened to everyone.

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Mixed Classes League
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League Information

The French League, also called by Frenchies the "Ligue FR", is a friendly league running since the earlier years of LFS on LFS France. It was originally founded by MT-Shark, and since 2008 it moved on the Gcomp plateform build by Gai-Luron, which is also know for his LFS Lapper. It has been managed and ran by many hoster/admins (Shark, Loconstant, Quaid, Momo92i, Worm...), but since 2013, System (Kova.) stayed in charge of it, and has never stopped it despite the lowering grids.
Basically made for french talking people, it has always allowed strangers of another nations to compete in, without any restrictions.
The concept is to take part to a certain amount of events which is an average of 10 to 12 events per season, among which you have 3 jokers, which mean you can miss or fail 3 events during the whole season, they won't be counted. Each event is made by more or less than 4 weeks of pre-qualifying, in which you compete to set your fastest lap on the designed combo at the server, in order to set your grid position. The pre-qualifying ends the night from Sunday to Monday at midnight, french time. And then the following monday at 9:15 pm french time, takes place the race for about 30 mins.

Latest News Update

This league has no news updates yet.

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Ligue FR 2016 9 0 N/A No
Ligue FR 2017 1 0 N/A No
Ligue FR 2020 1 0 N/A No
Ligue FR 2022 4 0 N/A No
Ligue FR 2023 12 0 N/A No
Summer Tour 2023 2 0 N/A No
Xmas Open 2023 3 0 N/A No
Ligue FR 2024 9 4 Yes
Summer Tour 2024 3 3 Yes