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Races will be about one and a half hours long using GT3 specifications. We aim to provide good clean racing for all skill types and we will do our best to provide competitive setups to all competitors each week of our four week campaign. The series itself will serve as a layover and help feel out the potential of a GTR Enduro League come spring time.

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There is no active season at this time.

Latest News Update

, by Mustangman759

Do you Live For Speed? if the answer is yes, then you cannot miss the GT3 Super Cup.
Signups and schedule have been released for the GT3 Super Cup powered by Rackservice, a four round single driver GTR series aimed at drivers of all experience and skill levels. The series is spearheaded by Revolutionary Racing with assistance from New Dimension Racing's Johnathon "Dekojester" Palmer, and Rony Kronpušs among others.
The four rounds are:
Round 1. South City - SO5 - 70 Laps - September 26,2015
Round 2. Kyoto - KY32 - 35 Laps - October 17,2015
Round 3. Westhill - WE2 - 46 Laps -November 14,2015
Round 4. Aston - AS22 - 53 Laps -December 5,2015

The GT3 spec cars are FZ3 (FZR with 28% air intake restriction), XR3 (XRR with 34% air itake restriction), FX3 (FXR with 32% air intake restriction).

We hope that you will all join us in what we hope is the revival of GTR racing and endurance racing in Live For Speed, help us bring all that back by racing in the series.

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

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Season 1 4 0 N/A No