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Fraud Festina Mk3
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Fraud Festina Mk3
My first "correct" car modelized Big grin i try to make that beautifull, i hope create more poly than TOCA2 Big grin
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toca screen.jpg
This is preview update
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screen 2.jpg
screen 3.jpg
Need to work on the topology, i try to make my best
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screen 5.png
Topology not perfect, i need to work a little
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a retoucher 1.png
a retoucher 2.png
a retoucher 3.png
Looking forward to this one!
If you have some videos or specs to share, i'm interessed! I need adjust bumpers and some details...
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screen 4.jpg
screen 5.jpg

Fraud Festina Mk3
(6 posts, started )