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BF1 Pro-Kit .RAR file not useable in GIMP 2.10.32
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BF1 Pro-Kit .RAR file not useable in GIMP 2.10.32
Good morning, afternoon, evening LFS users, my name is POLICE428, and I have a problem with creating my own skins, as I want to make my own skin for an upcoming racing series. I have downloaded the latest version of GIMP and the BF1 painting template from the Master Skinnerz website, as told on the pinned starting guide on this forum. However, I came across an issue when trying to import the .rar file into GIMP. Gimp does not recognize the file as something it can edit. So, I ask, is there a way to get this file to import, or can I use a stock file from the LFS download and overwrite its base decals?
.rar file is an archive, you need to decompress it to access the files inside.

i recommend using 7zip for that, it's a nice freeware utility.(

While i can definitely recommend the Master Skinnerz kit an alternative is to create skin templates directly from LFS, in your garage navigate to the colours tab and click on 'generate skin template'
You can then copy various elements of the skin template and paste them into GIMP.

PS: this is unrelated to your question, but i also highly recommend checking this to ensure your logos and decals look correct:

Hope this helped, happy skinning!
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The Skin Kits are all packed into an archive (rar) to save space. Once unpacked the files inside are PSD and compatible with most graphics software. The PSD kits are multi-layered for your convenience.

BF1 Pro-Kit .RAR file not useable in GIMP 2.10.32
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