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LFSW race result error
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LFSW race result error
So I was randomly browsing LFS World stats when I noticed some strange data in the latest race I attended.

Yesterday we raced for 300 km on very long custom Westhill layout with multiple original LFS cars and even more mod cars. The race went as is usual and everything worked flawlessly including the race finish, but in the LFSW results it shows incorrect gap in one occasion - the gap between 4th and 5th was 0,12 seconds, but the result says there was 1 lap gap. By the completed laps count it looks like a whole one lap was ignored by LFSW somewhere in my run (not sure if the last lap or somewhere in the middle), although I'm classified like if I completed all laps. ... 01279&raceId=24648669

Any idea what went wrong?

EDIT: can provide mpr if it is any useful.
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LFSW race result error
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