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westhill small hole on main track
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#1 - jujek
westhill small hole on main track
i found this while drifting, but You can see it only with that angle what i looking on screenshots.

Configuration International X
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#2 - Eric
Thanks for finding that.

I'm having a hard time trying to pinpoint that bug in my version.

Could you please place a marker like you did before, but this time take a screen shot zoomed out so that it shows the surrounding track area, please? Thanks!
I found it using object coordinates in 3rd picture,the gap in texturing is visible from above and from paddock area side,but not from other side.
Or execute command /cp while in shift+u and paste clipboard content here.
/cp -4838255 26510912 525119 26496 1827 0.0 58.3
#6 - Eric
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OK, Thanks!

That's fixed in my version.

westhill small hole on main track
(6 posts, started )