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how to configure triple monitor?
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how to configure triple monitor?
Hi, all.
I'm new to LFS and simracing in general. I've built myself a triple-TV 2DoF motion rig. I'm having trouble getting LFS to run on all screens. I am using Nvidia Surround to expand my desktop to all 3 TVs. When I launch the game, it only comes up on my centre screen, and the left/right screens show "no input" (as thought the HDMI cables have come unplugged). I'm sure there's a simple solution... can someone walk me through the triple-screen setup process?

I don't have 3 monitors but I think this should work.

First go to Options - Screen and click Borderless Window ( multiple monitors ) Shortcut: SHIFT+F12

If something needs more adjustment, you can go to: Options - View - Multiple screen layout. And set 1 monitor on the left and 1 on the right
This worked perfectly! Thanks!

how to configure triple monitor?
(3 posts, started )