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The Grand Prix of Aston
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The Grand Prix of Aston
with the vehicle mods finally dropping down, let's also drop some events, shall we? Smile

Master Race car presents you the:

Grand Prix of Aston

Date: 7.11.2021
Server:[MRc] Grand Prix of Aston
Car: Grand Prix Legend 65

Event format:
Qual: 15:30 UTC - 1 hour open quali
Race: 16:30 UTC - 38 laps at Aston Historic

Everyone is welcome Smile
Let's enjoy some 1965 Grand Prix era atmosphere.
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Friendly reminder the event (qualifying) starts in less than 2 hours Smile

Everyone is welcome, some practice is desired though.

We already have 20 people in the server practicing, so don't wait too long before server is full Wink
#3 - cuni
When can we expect to have another go at racing the 60's,70's or even e-challenge in an organize Mrc event?
Hello Cuni, thanks for showing the interest Smile

I have good news for you - the E-Challenge is going to happen soon, it is being prepared in the secret and you can expect the announcement in few weeks. It will be waaay better than the last year! Also here is little teaser:

And speaking of historic racing, that is also going to happen very soon, possibly in a form of weekly event if the interest is there.
But first things first, let's get the E-Challenge rolling. Smile
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#5 - cuni
Lets revive the Grand Prix Legend 65, there's nothing like driving these low grip, octane powered rear wheel drive single seaters.

Here's to hoping to have another event before the second anniversary Smile

The Grand Prix of Aston
(5 posts, started )