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LorenzRing Layout
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LorenzRing Layout

Hey guys, Lorenzo here!

I would like to share with you my first attempt at a Live for Speed layout, hope you like it!! Smile

Here it is the LorenzRing, a very long variant of Westhill!
No mistakes allowed here: if there isn't a wall there's grass, ready to catch you out for a dramatic spin!

It's a ferocious test for driver's precision & consistency: there are banked corners, uphill ascents through bridges & a lot of blind fast bends, where you have to be super precise in order to keep it on track.

Final corner of the circuit is a very long, fast, banked corner with some bumps.

It's not easy to get it right, it can make a difference in the final lap time!
Covered the whole track with banners to make it feel more realistic!

Didn't want anything too crazy in terms of ramps or similar things: the general vibe of the track is kind of a realistic looking venue.

Track has a nice flow & rythim sections, where precision is crucial!


Track features

- It's LONG! Takes around 6 minutes with a FBM

- Fast sections, tight city-track like sections, banked corners, a roundabout!

- 40 grid slot with 3x1 starting rows
Ideal for mass races & special events, the starting are is super wide!

- Whole new Pitlane with 40 pit boxes

- Podium for your celebrations

- 3 Banked corners

- 2 tunnels


Haven't tested it online or with other people yet.
I think it should work fine, but any feedback/suggestion would be welcomed! Thumbs up

Track is well suited for most of the cars, bar the UF1-XFG (cars too slow), BF1 (car too fast!)

Touring cars races good around there, light formula cars too!
My hotlap in that video was a 5'51''84 with a FBM!

Pretty sure you can beat it! Smile

Hope you enjoy.
Probably it's nothing new for you guys, but just wanted to share my little layout!


track layout download
Un lavoro fantastico, complimenti!!
Nice track
go go go
Thanks guys!!! Tongue Tongue Tongue

LorenzRing Layout
(5 posts, started )