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Blackwood Carpark
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Blackwood Carpark
I searched but couldn't find anything for this car park.

Version 0.6V
There's an 'invalid position' in the car park where you can't place small objects such as tyres or cones, or place larger objects if they're on heading 0.0 degrees. See image. Cones are on outside of area that is affected.

It would be the place and heading I was trying to place a large length of armco.
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Hole in Blackwood Car Park.png
You just found a needle in a haystack Big grin

Some more info: It only happens when objects are placed "on ground" so it's probably the ground tracking function that is bugged.

It also happens at the "neighbouring lines" from Y -260 to -340 at every 16th meter and god knows where else.

Heading of the objects didn't seem to matter when I tested this.

Blackwood Carpark
(2 posts, started )