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Can Someone Help?
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Can Someone Help?
Description lacks proper description of CPU,but it should be fine to run 100fps on highest settings and full hd resolution for most of the time. Expect framerate loss on higher filled grids,but there is no danger of slideshow though.

(writing this out of experience as my laptop is slightly better regarding hardware)

I cannot judge performance expectations after the big update though,but still there should be no danger of slideshow.
Hello and thanks for the reply... Sounds like I should look for something a little better. Trying hard to be cost effective.
For further info - I mentioned 100fps as a basemark because of LFS's 100Hz physics,there is no use of higher framerate as LFS can display max 100 different frames per second,anything above means duplicate frames.
And from personal experience (with laptop using 2.6GHz i7 CPU and GTX1060) I get framerate drop towards 60-80fps only on highly filled grid,when the field spreads out,it's back to 100 for rest of the race. So unless you aim for VR,the PC specs seems fine for good experience with LFS.
Thank You for your help.
You can always upgrade a graphics card at a later point. It seems like a good deal, it will run LFS just fine. Just make sure to install it on the SSD.

Can Someone Help?
(6 posts, started )