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GRIP Masters
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GRIP Masters
Hello, everone. 9.6.2021 ended the first season of Finnish Supertouring Champpionship FSTC. We drive 12 round and here's a little compilation of the season.

Next we start Finnish GT2 Champpionship. Wed 23 Jun 2021, 16:00 UTC +0. We drive 6 round that.

Race format:
24/7 - Free practice
16.00 UTC +0 - Free qualification 30 min
16.35 UTC +0 - Race 60 min and 2x refueling + 1x tyreschanges

And everone can come to drive. We want realistic sim racing and it is why we allowed only raacingwheel setups and forced cocpitview.

GRIP Masters
(1 post, started )