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difference between licences and options
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#1 - Lenho
difference between licences and options
Hello I just downloaded the demo and i am just thinking what licence should i get. Should I just get the full license or can i make do with the cheaper options since i am mainly interested in drifting side of things? Any advice on the difference between licenses and what would work the best would be really appreciated!
Atm I think S2 is the best option. S3 is only Rockingham.
When u have S2 u can play most leagues.

And u always can upgrade any time.
#3 - Racon
You can see which cars/tracks are unlocked with each level here:

Some people get by on S1 (you can race on an S2/S3 server if it only has S1 content loaded), but most seem to go for S2. I know a lot of drifting goes on on the AU track included with S1, but I don't know any more about drifting than that - hopefully someone can give you a more drift-specific answer.

S3 is basically available for those who want to drive Rockingham - when there are new cars/tracks they will be S3, but that won't be until after the release of the new version.
A lot of drifting servers also have the FZ5 or GTR cars, so personally I would recommend the S2 license.
#5 - Lenho
Allright I think ill go for the s2 then. Thanks alot for the answers!!

difference between licences and options
(5 posts, started )