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Is LFS compatible with MacBook?
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Is LFS compatible with MacBook?
Hello everyone, I will be out this weekend and will be with a teammate that we are going to race in a race, but he can only take a MacBook, is it compatible with LiveForSpeed?
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Best case for compatibility would be using Bootcamp to install Windows.

Else the support is hairy as recent OS X doesn't support 32 bit applications, so running LFS inside of normal WINE won't work.

There's a proprietary version of WINE called Crossover which has done the work to run 32 bit Windows applications inside modern version of OS X, but the application does cost money.

Another option could be to use the free version of VMWare Fusion to run a Windows VM. Windows ISOs are freely available and work for like 30 days without activation.

Is LFS compatible with MacBook?
(2 posts, started )