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Lapping, time tables and a bit more for laps longer than 1 hour
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#1 - P V L
Lapping, time tables and a bit more for laps longer than 1 hour
Hello, recently I started to build some trails on Westhill. Its a mix of race, rallye and a bit of

cruise may be. So I decided to rent a server and installed LFS Lapper. Had to find out lapper doesnt

count splits or laps >10 minutes. Bass-Driver / Dan was so nice to edit that for me and its now working

up to 1 hour. Easy version takes just under 30 minutes in XFG / XRG, Medium a bit more than 40 minutes.

There is still Hard and Titanium to come, while Hard could be under 1 hour I doubt Titanium will. And

of course even laps done by people for fun and slower should be listed in time table. Last night I had

a talk with Bass-Driver and he adviced me to ask for help here. So, here I am and tell you the needs:

Recording laps longer than 1 hour, up to 90 minutes.

Time table for best laps done total, car filter to click.

Overall timetable showing times done on all 4 servers ( may be add Rollercoaster server as well ).

Showing timetable of added times for all 4 (5) servers for each car clicked.

Get notifications / messages when doing good, great and top splits or laps.

Add adjustment for % compared to best server lap in that car, i.e. 103%,102% and 101%

Connect servers to let people only join track when having done a lap on lower level trail.

So to be allowed to join medium trail track you need to have done any lap on the easy trail.

Ranking, like trying, easy, medium, hard, titanium. May be add Big Five when Rollercoaster done.

Player info showing level, click a car to see his laps in that car on all servers/levels.

Read out layout name if possible to use for time tables, so it wouldnt mess up 2 tracks on WE2Y.

Get penalties for objects that are hit added to final lap time.

All the other lapper features are not really needed imho atm.

I really would appreciate if someone could help me with this. I am not familiar with scripting /

coding at all. If you need or want to get an idea of what trails I am talking, feel free to join

[DS] Driver Seat. If you want my discord for questions, here it is: [DS] P V L#0728

Thanks in advance for any help or solutions.
Wow, that is a serious request for help with many wishes. I read it a few times but cannot see the big picture so far, so let me start with a question. Why isn't Lapper not able to record laps that are longer then 10 minutes? Have to admit that I never had to deal with such long laps, but Lapper takes the start of a lap, then takes splits and in the end a total laptime. So I cannot see why it would not allow laps that are above a certain value.
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Like I said above, Dan was so nice to edit it and it works up to 1 hour now. For my titanium version

I need for sure more than that, 90 minutes should do it.Dan told me it is not possible to set it higher

than 1 hour with the current code.It would need a total rewriting of lappin he said.The wish list is

exactly that, wishes. If not all is possible I still can thinkover the concept. Greets P V L
Here is a small explaination about the laptimes.

The Maximum laptime that is recorded to the database was 5 minutes, before V7.0.4.6.
I changed that to 30 minutes due to a request of Sinanju, because he made layouts that took longer than 5 minutes. I cannot find that topic anymore.

For P V L, i changed that parameter to 90 minutes, which is he testing now.

But i believe with the current database code, it cannot go higher than 60 minutes. Due to some Time format limitations.
For laptimes above 60 minutes, it requires a time format( change inside the database, as i can see at the code. I'm not gonna do that. That takes a lot of time/work. And makes all previous lappers imcompatible.

Honestly, i never drove a lap that was longer than 30 minutes. So these are rare laptimes.

Other option i told PVL is custom timing. Just set a starttime and endtime/splittime with GetlapperVar("RaceTime"), and calculate the time between them. Those times can be stored in the userstored database or inside a textfile.

EDIT: i'm talking about laptimes on layouts.
EDIT #2: 90 min laptime with the current lapper code works like a sharm.

In the past I made the toptable script, which displays the best time for each car on that track (see screenshot below). Would that be useful as a start for this wish: Time table for best laps done total, car filter to click

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Well, the time table in lapper is good enough I guess if it accepts times longer than 1 hour.
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We did the test yesterday and LFS Lapper does now count laps up to 90 minutes.

Lapping, time tables and a bit more for laps longer than 1 hour
(7 posts, started )