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Helmet skin request
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Helmet skin request
Hello all!

Wow, its been quite some years since I've come onto LFS. Well I finally upgraded to S2 and I feel I need a more personal helmet.

The design I had in mind was a blue base (a bit on the darker blue side, think Prost F1 blue) with eagle wings coming out of each side of the visor, to symbolize my nickname and pro wrestling gimmick of "Eagle" as well as my Eagle Scout rank. Under the wings perhaps some red and white stripes that wrap around the back of the helmet and link up, give it a "stars and stripes" look. On the chin I was thinking a "Be Prepared" logo from the Boy Scouts of America (image provided). On the top, an Autism Awareness ribbon (image provided) with the number 5 on the left of the ribbon and the number 7 on the right of it to make it a 57, I'll leave the font to you guys. Above the visor,just the word "Eagle" in whatever font you deem fitting. I don't really have an idea as to where certain sponsors would be placed, but the sponsors I had in mind are the Boy Scouts of America (like Dale Coyne Racing in IndyCar), Watkins Glen Raceway, maybe a single Ferrari logo stuck somewhere.

Thanks everyone!
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Helmet skin request
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