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Window mode
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Window mode
Hello my Live For Speed is in windowed mode rt can you tell me if it is normal and how to have it in full screen.
Thank you.
In Options - Screen, you can change between various Windows/Fullscreen modes. This also can be done with a keyboard shortcut: press Shift + F10 to get into fullscreen mode.

EDIT: ah Rony just posted Looking
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Extending the given information - the borderless window gives me so much smoother motion,so I tend to use shift+F11 for "full screen". Not sure why I have the feeling,might be some placebo effect. Shrug
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and one exception to the rule:

every new update will force you into windowed mode when connecting to master server, so you can easily spot firewall/antivirus-sw dialogs asking whether the new executable could connect to Internet.

If you did confirm that, or you don't have such FW/AV SW, uncheck the "in window" checkbox somewhere before requesting list of servers, and LFS will stay as is, not exiting fullscreen mode.
Thank you all 👌
SHIFT+F4 usually works too.

in menu screen just before entering serverlist you find this option.
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Window mode
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