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Fanatec CSW shifter question
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Fanatec CSW shifter question
I’ve been playing LFS since 2004 and this is the first time I’ve needed to use the forum as the game has been brilliant.
Just bought a Fanatec CSW to enhance the game, I didn’t buy the shifter as I generally use the paddles, but tried the game last night and the paddles only work in the single,seater cars, does anyone know if I need to buy the shifter to make it all work in LFS?
Hope you can help, thanks in advance
Check options and controls, have you got gear shift mode set as shifter? Sequential is the one you'd want if you want to use paddle shifters for the cars with H-pattern boxes Smile
Thanks nikopdr, I have it set as sequential, strange that it works on single seater but nothing else, even GT cars. I’m hoping nobody else has the issue which means I just need to find the combination of options for it to work, I really don’t want to have to buy a shifter, especially at the Fanatec prices. I’ll keep at it tomorrow, Cheers 👍
Hi, you were correct, I checked again and it was set on shifter!
Just a point for anyone in the future, when I set it to sequential I could then select gears but the car felt like the brake was on, which is wasn’t according to the sliders, turns out the handbrake axis needs to be reverted.
Thanks for your help

Fanatec CSW shifter question
(4 posts, started )