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Frame timing - 100Hz screen and still not smooth
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Frame timing - 100Hz screen and still not smooth
Hello everyone,

so very recently I acquired a very decent screen, an ASUS VG27AQ, which supports a refresh rate of 100 Hz. This should be perfect for playing LFS, since 100 Hz should play very nicely with the physics core refresh rate, right? So smooth gameplay, here I come! Or so I thought.

Principially, the theory has been proven to be correct. The gameplay is crazy smooth. Now here comes the BUT. Sadly, every few seconds the view begins to stutter for a short period. Overall i'd say around 10% of gameplay is stuttering. I can't, for the life of me, get these stutters away. If you look at the timing indicator on the screenshot (see attachment), it seems that physics and graphics go out of sync? So in the end, there is one frame with two physics steps, followed by an "empty frame", which just results in the same image being generated again.

I tried every possible combination of vsync, gsync, full screen, windowed borderless, fullscreen exclusive (see you name it. Also every possible combination of LFS settings (buffered frames, frame cap, lowest settings, ...)

My computer is more than capable to run LFS at more than 500 FPS (@2560x1440), the CPU is sleeping at 13%, LFS resides on an SSD, I have only one screen active (Windows is too stupid to properly handle two screens with different refresh rates, even if one is 50 Hz and the other 100 Hz).

I still can't get the stutter away.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? It really keeps me from enjoying this magnificient sim at the moment.
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Gsync off, vsync on and with 100Hz / 100FPS must be a butter smooth. I do that but at 50 Hz / 50 FPS with vsync on.

Maybe try another (older) Nvidia driver.
Laptop ? CPU with graphis Cards for HDMI ? ..
Set CPU Graphic Cards Stable resolution with you HZ .. you must settings And fix in to center you TV .. And set overide all applications ..

// Tipical .. game set 1920x1080 59.960Hz FPS 250 .. but First GPU/CPU Cards use resolution 4k with 25i/p on you TV .. ..
Press you Burton joystick for tv info And some show you Info ,what you tv use resolution.

Frame timing - 100Hz screen and still not smooth
(3 posts, started )