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New to LFSLapper: How to Install
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New to LFSLapper: How to Install
Hi all Wave

I'm new at server management (Big grin) and need help please -
I'm doing changes to LFSLapper on the hosting/lapper page but when saving the changes the page not responding and changes are not applied.

how do I make them to be saved and applied?
Do I need to install Lapper on my PC/Laptop?

Thanks for the help
I couldn't find a good answer on google (maybe also im doing it wrongly..:shrugSmile
Hello Itamar,

As first, thank you for using LFSLapper.
As second, i move your post to a new topic.

As third:

Click on the link below to find a small tutorial about install/setup LFSLapper.

If you have any more questions. Let us know.
Hi mate.
Thank you very much for your help.

I still have a problem, I'm suspecting there is something I'm not doing right.
I did as the instructions says to do, but I'm getting this massage when opening LFSLapper.exe =

Lapper Instance [***.***.***.***/*****] failed connecting!

I tried to change the ip address to the server (i have an LFS server), my laptop ip (where LFSLapper is), but neither works.

The insim port is the one LFS gave me on my Host page.

Any idea whats my mistake?
Do you need more information on something?
did you set the insimport on your server aswell.

you can set the port in setup.cfg on your dedicated server.
// optional: InSim port

Or when you are the host of the server type the command ingame

This should be same port as the port you set in LFSServers.cfg

DEF1|gr1|LFSServer IP|INSIMPORT|./default|default_1.ini|autowork

Just added inside my LFS server (as admin) the insim port number as shown in my LFS host page.
Still the same massage =
Lapper Instance [***.***.***.***/*****] failed connecting!
Do you host your own server or did you bought a server?

If you bought one. You need to find the IP of that server, and also set the insimport somewhere on their config page ( probably a serverrestart is required)

New to LFSLapper: How to Install
(6 posts, started )