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InSim: IS_PSF STime Inaccurate On TOC
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InSim: IS_PSF STime Inaccurate On TOC
I have found what appears to be a bug in pit stop reporting, where a takeover is involved.

Here is some logging from my tracking app (irrelevant lines redacted):

^269 ^7T.J.Sarlin Started Pitstop @ 20:55:40.226
69 F.Sinchety^L took over from 69 T.J.Sarlin
^269 ^7F.Sinchety Finished Pitstop in 00:00:01.9300000 seconds at @ 20:56:06.818
11 G.Puc^Beta^L made a pit stop
^211 ^7G.Puc^Beta Started Pitstop @ 20:5722.076
11 R.Nagevicius^L took over from 11 G.Puc^Beta
^211 ^7R.Nagevicius Finished Pitstop in 00:00:02.6200000 seconds at @ 20:5748.667

It appears that the PSF packet reports the time since TOC as STime, not the entire pitstop time, as it does when there is not a TOC involved.

I can work around this with some extra programming, but this does not seem to be as designed.
Can concur.
There were numerous cases of this in the first round of the current OEC series, which uses pitstop time for Balance of Performance, where knowing correct pit timing automatically is helpful.

For example:

2020-07-12 22:38:16.651 UTC CSC: [excellent15] [^101 ^7R. Takahashi] STOP @ 01:05:12.550
2020-07-12 22:38:16.652 UTC Pitstop Started: [excellent15] [^101 ^7R. Takahashi] Work: 141474
2020-07-12 22:38:17.371 UTC Entered Pitlane: Fact 1 PLID 66 [excellent15] [^101 ^7R. Takahashi]
2020-07-12 22:38:35.742 UTC TOC: PLID 66; Connections: 8 [excellent15] [^101 ^7R. Takahashi] -> 18 [fastlt] [^101 ^7K. Takahashi]
2020-07-12 22:38:37.131 UTC CSC: [fastlt] [^101 ^7K. Takahashi] START @ 01:05:32.970
2020-07-12 22:38:37.132 UTC Pitstop Finished: [fastlt] [^101 ^7K. Takahashi] 00:02.050
2020-07-12 22:38:51.742 UTC Left Pitlane: PLID 66 [fastlt] [^101 ^7K. Takahashi]

(Ignore the absolute UTC timestamps, that's when the log was recorded, not when the race happened. Useful for relative times)

In this case, the pitstop time as reported in the PIF was 2.05s, whereas the actual time between IS_PIT and IS_PSF packets was 20.48s

There are numerous instances of this issue in the OEC replay:

There are a few other potential pitstop bugs in that replay, which I will report once I've properly made sense of them.

InSim: IS_PSF STime Inaccurate On TOC
(2 posts, started )