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Telemetry not resetting after changing car.
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Telemetry not resetting after changing car.
Hi all. I've got a Cool app that can display a rev counter on my phone, it's really cool and I use it for alot of Sims.
When I play something like pc2 the rev counter resets for that specific car,But when I change car in LFS it just goes with the highest rpm that I've reached, so if I drive an f1 car then switch to a different car it still thinks I'm driving the f1 car.
It would be much appreciated if someone has a solution to this issue.


Just if you wanted to know the app SIM Dashboard.
This is a limitation in the LFS telemetry. AFAIK there is not max RPM in this data that LFS outputs. We have the same problem with the application Fanaleds. Would be nice if it had this data like almost all other games.

In Fanaleds you can set a max value for every car so it's not an issue, not sure if this app also can do that?
Hi Bose321. I thought it was a limitation in the game, but wasn't shore.luckily I can set different rev counters/lights to a specific car.
Hopefully the LFS team can improve this.

Telemetry not resetting after changing car.
(3 posts, started )