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1024 skin dl not working
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1024 skin dl not working
I uploaded a skin to lfsw in 1024*1024, 1.12MB big but the client cannot download it in 1024. I get this error:
SKIN : File is too big - XRT_PEZPEZ

Same for other players with this skin in 1024. 512 works fine. Tested with 06T and 06U.
Resize it to 2048. read this on upload page :

*NEW* You can now upload skins with a maximum dimension of 2048 * 2048 pixels (1024 * 1024 for helmet skins).
LFS currently supports downloading skins of up to 1024 * 1024, but we want to increase this to 2048 * 2048 in the future.
By enabling you to upload skins with higher dimensions in advance, you can already prepare for when LFS supports downloading them.
This is a bug report. I don't have problems uploading skins but thanks.

1024 skin dl not working
(3 posts, started )